Doing the numbers

It’s so much easier for so many of our customers when we get all this sorted for you.


Maintaining appropriate records of accounts by verifying back up, posting, balancing and allocating transactions – QuickBooks or Sage accounting systems.

Setup accounting systems

setup including COGS and inventories: Small businesses require Chart of Accounts and reports pre-set in their accounting systems as per their individual requirements. Special COGS/Inventories calculation may be complicated by freight and customs duties. We do this complex set up work for your employees to use on their own.


Preparation of employees’ salaries, wages, bonuses and withholdings, benefits, vacations, etc, with source deductions and remittances to CRA.

Restoration of books

In case your primary documents were lost or destroyed, the accounting records can be restored based on your bank statements, Vendors / Customers reconciliations.


Personal Tax return - T1

All citizens, Permanent Residents or workers must file their tax return (T1 General) annually with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), declaring any income earned for the year before the deadline of 30th of April every year.


Corporate Tax return - T2

It is mandatory for all Canadian corporations to file the Corporation Income Tax Return (T2) on annual basis.

Remuneration paid-T4

Provides Canadian employees with the information about their annual salary before deductions, breakdown of the deductions, as well as the contributions to CPP and EI.

Investment income-T5

This slip must be filed by Canadian residents that have earned any investment income during the year, and must be reported on the individuals’ income tax returns. Needs to be prepared if you pay dividends in your corporation and filed with CRA before February 28th each year.

GST & Other Services


Businesses in Alberta with transactions over $30, 000 within the province must file GST

Provincial sales tax

When doing business in other Provinces, the respected Sales tax – PST- or Harmonised sales tax- HST needs to be charged on goods/services and periodic returns filed with local Provincial Governments on the amounts collected and remitted to provincial Ministries of Finance.

Outsourcing Controller for your business

Small Businesses need Controller Function that can be provided on an hourly basis. It saves your payroll, time and office working place. Temporary help to substitute your own staff on vacation or long term sick leave.


Any question you may have or concern about your personal or corporate tax, bookkeeping.

Sundry requests

LMIA opinion to Calgary Immigration/CRA.